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Since the start of March 2020 , our offertory collections have dramatically reduced even though our expenses remain the same.

We have now set up a Donate button to help parishioners support our parish by paying their church offerings and Priest Dues online.

When you click the donate button below, you will be transferred to a secure page on Easy Payments Plus where you can choose to make a once-off donation today or set up a recurring one every quarter. 

You will be asked to fill in your contact details so we can acknowledge your donation (your details and your donation will not be published or shared). You will receive an email receipt for your donation.

If you are currently using the envelope scheme you can continue to use this or you can make the donations via the donate button instead.

As always, offerings and dues can be dropped into the box in both churches or to the Parochial house directly.

Thank you as always for your support – we really appreciate it